French Gourmet Food

Have you ever wanted to know more about famous french food and excellent recipes ? French Gourmet Food is there to share brilliant recipes of absolutely delicious meals and tasty dishes from France. We share with you simple and typical cooking recipes and we give all the details you need to know to create great French entrées, hot dinners, and French pastries. You will be able to show your friends and impress your family members with these maybe easy to make, but famous french food.

We are 100% about French Gourmet Food and great French recipes. We update this independent blog regularly and provide recipes, ingredients and steps for you to cook delicious meals. French Food is very popular around the world, mainly because it tastes very good. The cuisine and the culinary culture in France has been strengthened throughout hundreds of years, generation after generation. Grand parents teach their kids to cook the most popular French dishes, and they pass along ancestral cooking techniques and kitchen knowledge. I myself have learned a lot and keep discovering new techniques and ways to transform raw ingredients into a delicious warm dish.

Basically, the French created manners to cook with different tools and skills that made it possible to fry, braise, poach, and many other tricks. We can say that this is the main explanation, it is the number one reason that makes French food one of the most famous in the world. That is why French food is so good, but the general French weather, the wine, the small independent restaurants with homemade meals … All these different things come into play as well. Eating French Food is more than just answering a human need, it is a way to approach life with finesse. If you crave for something sweet with our French Desserts Recipes, or if you need to cook a French Dish for your next party, then follow allong!